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Mahy Waterproof, Anti-theft sling crossbody bag

Mahy Waterproof, Anti-theft sling crossbody bag

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  • This shoulder bag is constructed from a material similar to down jacket fabric, creating a stylish blend of leather and fabric.
  • The material is highly waterproof and easy to clean, simply requiring a wipe with a wet towel to remove any stains.
  • It serves as reliable protection for your mobile phone and important documents during sudden rain while traveling or enjoying outdoor activities.
  • The bag offers multiple carrying options, including as a chest bag, one-shoulder bag, or crossbody bag.
  • With a lightweight design weighing only 0.2kg, it ensures comfortable and hassle-free transportation.
  • The bag's dimensions are 24cm in width and 30cm in height.
  • Available color options include black, gray, blue, and bronze, catering to various style preferences.
  • It boasts a fashionable and leisurely style suitable for diverse occasions.
  • The bag offers ample capacity for accommodating mobile phones, wallets, and folding umbrellas.
  • Please note that there may be a normal 1-2cm error in the provided dimensions due to different measurement methods.


  • Waterproof and easy-to-clean material ensures your belongings remain protected and the bag maintains its pristine appearance.
  • Versatile carrying options allow you to choose the most comfortable and convenient style for your needs.
  • Lightweight design minimizes the burden of carrying the bag, enhancing your overall comfort.
  • Ample storage capacity enables you to securely store essential items such as your mobile phone, wallet, and folding umbrella.
  • Stylish appearance and various color options add a touch of fashion to your outfit while ensuring practicality.
  • Suitable for both travel and outdoor activities, providing reliable protection for your belongings during unexpected rain showers.


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